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SO, 2012 is quite the year so far for me....whether on a professional or a personal level....


The personal stuff? Well, let's just say, DAMN.


But that's not really interesting (well, no, not reallly, unless you're my 1-child 2-boyfriend 3-cat) and let's talk about the fun stuff!!!


First of all, I'm working on developing a YouTube channel with my sister. It's going to be about beauty, food, life, art, makeup, fashion and just lots of fun stuff, so stay tuned!!!


We're working hard at filming and editing, so it's on it's way! A little bit of patience!


Also, some of you may have noticed that I don't have a Facebook account anymore. I will be back. The break was nice and needed; but the Facebook interface will be back, in the form of a fan page, through which I can keep you all informed.


In the meantime, you can all catch me on Twitter: @luvofbeing


I'm also working on some music too, so that will come too!


Otherwise, if anyone is interested in having their makeup done, for the YouTube channel, then please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be working with pro models, but it will also be nice to work on everyone.


And that's about it! I hope that 2012 is coming along well for you all; I think this year is going to be a craaaazy one for already is, but a great one indeed!


See you all soon!



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