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I'm now 3 weeks old. I'm still squeaking; I can't meow yet like a big cat. I can see now and I can hear, but I'm still creeping around. I'd like to trot around, jump around and explore and then again, I like being in MOMMY NUMBER 2's arms, and I like crawling up MR. MWAH (because he's always going, "Mwah, mwah, baby cat!") arm and snuggling up to his neck.

MEXICAN JUMPING BEAN likes me, but sometimes she's a little too wild for me. So, I squeak very loudly for MOMMY NUMBER 2 when she gets a little too jumpy for me.


I'm still drinking out of the thing that MOMMY NUMBER 2  calls "the bottle". I tried lapping my milk out of a plate yesterday, but instead, stuck my paws into my milk, and then try as I could, I wasn't very good at it. MOMMY NUMBER 2 was laughing; I was covered in milk and still very hungry.


I sleep with MOMMY NUMBER 2. I know she worries about me; she wakes up when it's very dark outside, and looks at me. She's nice; she gives me a bottle all the time. She also gives me baths, I don't like those very much!


There's another big cat, who is very fat and orange. She doesn't like me very much. She spits at me, then she growls very loudly. MOMMY NUMBER 2 gets very nervous when the big orange cat is around. I hope we'll get along some day. I'm sure she's a very nice cat, maybe she's never seen a baby like me.


I purr a lot; I like purring, and it makes everyone so happy. I don't know why; but they coo everytime I purr. They don't purr, although MOMMY NUMBER 2 and MEXICAN JUMPING BEAN try to. It's quite funny. But at least they try!


It's sunny outside when it's light. MOMMY NUMBER 2 puts my basket in front of the huge bay windows, and I like napping in the warm sunlight.


I'm still very young yet, and I have a whole world to discover. I can't wait! I think MOMMY NUMBER 2 would like me to start being bigger too. I can tell she's tired and sleepy when I squeal for my bottle at night.....


My life is nice; this is a nice home. Lots of different people come to see me. They always give me lots of hugs and tell me I look like a tiger. I don't know what a tiger is, probably a big cat.


I can't wait till I'm a big tiger!



By Bella

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