The Arrival of Winter and End of Year Thoughts....

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....A night in watching "The Reader" and eating chocolates filled with Pear liqueur....


The cold has arrived and with it, the same old thoughts. The end of year always brings reflections about the year that has gone by and the year to come. This year, as the year past, has gone by at such a frightful speed...both breathtaking and terrifying. 


And as always, so much changes...or does it? Is it just our own perception of things? As though the world, the universe and life don't truly shift but it is each of one us; like going to a museum, going to see your favourite painting, sitting on the same bench each time and then getting up, walking around, stopping at times to gaze at that same painting, every time seeing a whole new perspective of it...learning each time something new and wonderful, like discovering a whole new world in a split second.


There is a full moon in the sky over me as I write; and this lone Mistress signals to me to start once again taking stock of all that has happened, or perceived anew as it were, and to welcome the cold and harsh hand of winter once again.


A Happy End of Year to all. The festivities are soon to start!


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